Urine Odor Removal

pet urine stains. Minor & Moderate Urine Odor/Stain Treatment

We class minor problems as those that require you to get on your hands and knees in order to smell the problem. A moderate urine problem is one that can be detected when you enter a room, but is not too overpowering.

In both cases, a topical or surface treatment is necessary. We topically apply a specific oxidation pre-spray to the spot(s) and the immediate area around the spot(s). Once the spill soaks through the carpet fibers, it will “mushroom” out in the backing and pad below. This spray is extremely effective, but must come in contact with the urine in order to work.

Moderate problems require much more solution because the carpet backing and pad below the carpet fiber must be saturated. To eliminate excess moisture, and the urine, we will use Deep Pad Extraction when necessary.

Carpets are thoroughly cleaned after these urine removal steps.

This process will eliminate the odor in minor problem situations, but with moderate problems, although these problems will be eliminated most of the time (96%), the treatment is not guaranteed. If the odors persist after a few days contact us and restoration work will be necessary. There are usually additional charges for the labor involved with this treatment, but we will not charge for the sprays we use.

Restoration Work for Major Urine Odor

This is a full-blown treatment designed to completely eliminate the odor, guaranteed!

The carpet is pulled up and the pad discarded. The carpet is treated on both sides with oxidizing agents that neutralize the urine. The sub-floor is treated with a special, clear, “odor barrier”. The carpet and pad are replaced and cleaned. This procedure will definitely correct any pet urine problem.

In most cases, we use the minor/moderate treatment procedures. They are extremely effective, and because of this, in order to save you money, we normally treat the more severe areas with the moderate treatment first. If it is an obvious major problem, we begin with restoration work, you are advised and approve any expense before any work begins.

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Fully Insured & Licensed IICRC Certified Firm & Techs

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