Proper floor maintenance begins with freshly pored cement. Allow 28 days for cement to cure into concrete. But remember it never dries completely. Concrete needs to transmit vapor or “breath”. Be aware of this if applying topical coatings.

Decorative Treatments include- Polished, Densified, Etched, Colored/Stained, Stamped

We will determine if the concrete has a topical coating or a finish (wax, acrylic, polymer or urethane) applied. If so, efforts should be to clean and maintain this, not the concrete. If you’re beyond cleaning and maintenance on this floor, then restoring the concrete is in order.

The first step is to strip away any finish. Our services would be limited to stripping waxed or water based urethane floors prior to cleaning. Other floor coatings require some knowledge of the coating and safely stripping it would be critical to maintaining the concrete’s appearance.

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We routinely provide cleaning and sealing services:

Cleaning is essentially 4 step process-

We apply a penetrating sealer (not a topical sealer). This provides stain guarding while maximizing the concrete’s appearance and allowing the concrete to “breath” (vapor permeable). Penetrating sealers should be applied every 2-3 years after proper cleaning. Topical sealers used to supply a “glaze” will require greater maintenance, so we do not recommend those. If requested however, we will apply an appropriate sealer to meet your need.

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Fully Insured & Licensed IICRC Certified Firm & Techs

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