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Odor elimination is based upon the powerful activity of carefully selected chemical agents on various types of biological, organic, or inorganic compounds. ACS does not deodorize with just a nice fragrance applied for temporary relief.

A pre-cleaning spray(disinfectant) is applied to reduce bacteria, mildew, mold, fungus, and viruses. It is not a masking agent and does not use perfumes to cover odors for a few hours. The nature of this spray will reduce the effectiveness of any stain protection. The Healthy Home cleaning package should be selected to eliminate odors, create a very clean environment as well as reinforce your carpet’s stain protection.

Pets Leave Their Mark In Many Ways

Healthy Home.

Have you ever gone into someone’s home that smells like ‘dog’ or ‘cat.’  Many pet owners don’t realize their home has an odor problem because they have acclimatized to the smell.  Guests can tell immediately! Unless you are very diligent with cleaning.  Probably the #1 reason for the Healthy Home cleaning package are pets and the elimination of all four of their “marks”.

  1. OILS! Pets secrete oil from their fur and hair that leave a residue on your floors and upholstery which can lead to the accumulation of smelly, hard to clean soil deposits. A pleasant citrus fragrance is in the cleaning booster sprays required.
  2. FUR! Hair shedding and animal dander contain allergens that contribute to asthmatic symptoms for many people. These embed deep in carpet, rugs, and furniture. A post spray specific for these allergens can be applied in order to offer greater protection. However, re- application is required every 90 days. Ask your technician about this service if you are interested. Frequent cleaning discounts will be applied.
  3. URINE STAINS & ODOR! Pet Urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics. It can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. The bacteria surviving on the Urea must be eliminated for effective odor control. Additional Urine Removal procedures are required to eliminate the urine in the backing of the carpet as well as the pad.

Once all the organic entities are dealt with, we then deep clean the carpets to address any inorganic source.

Healthy Home.      4. DIRT AND STAINS! Unfortunately              pets don’t wear shoes!  Maybe they            could not find their bone, so they                decided to chew on your ink pen!                Special Spotting procedures will be              identified by your technician and                  reported during our walk through.


Most of our cleaning sprays include fragrances and are quite pleasant, however any fragrance treatment applied to carpet will only last a few hours. Advanced Cleaning Systems considers this a disservice and a rip-off, and as such we will not offer this “service”. If you want a good lingering fragrance we recommend the plug-in variety bought at many retailers.



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Fully Insured & Licensed IICRC Certified Firm & Techs

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