Carpet & Upholstery Spotter

Green Wizard carpet spot remover.

Advanced Cleaning Systems offers a 16 oz. professional strength spotter that we put together ourselves. It’s called Green-Wizard and it is VERY effective.

  • Eco-friendly, a revolutionary “bio-based” blend which is 99.7% biodegradable.
  • Removes many spots and stains on carpet and upholstery other spotting agents leave behind.
  • Prevents most reappearing stains.
  • Cleans & Deodorizes yet contains no solvents, acids, or known hazardous materials.
  • No rinsing required. Encapsulates dirt and easily vacuums away upon drying.


  1. Apply liberally to the spot or stain
  2. Agitate using a rounded edge (fingertips or bottle bottom)
  3. Blot away with a damp cloth after a minute

We give away a 8 oz. sample size with our warranty/protection plan

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Fully Insured & Licensed IICRC Certified Firm & Techs

Fully Insured & Licensed IICRC Certified Firm & Techs

Certified Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

Certified Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

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