Re-Appearing Spots and Spills, Deep Pad Extraction

If you’ve ever spilt a large quantity of liquid on to your carpets at home chances are you’ve tried cleaning it yourself and the spot goes away and re-appears a few days later. After a couple attempts you then hire a ‘professional’ to clean it away and it may have kept clean a little longer but it still came back!

This phenomena is called “Wicking”. Wicking is the process by which a spill or what appears as a spot or stain re-appears a few days after cleaning. That spill, was largely in the backing of the carpet or the pad below. The top fibers were cleaned, however the spot re-appeared and vacuuming could not get rid of the problem. When moisture is applied to the spot to clean away the problem, the moisture creates a 'channel' for the spill to surface. You clean again and again but the spot keeps re-appearing!

before and after images of wicking

Eliminate the problem in two steps:

  1. Use Deep Pad Extraction (DPE). A service borrowed from Water Damage Restoration that can be done during a carpet cleaning appointment. DPE actually rinses/cleans the pad below the carpeted area and extracts away excess moisture.
  2. Deep Clean using a rotational jet extractor. This eliminates any question of dirt on the face fibers that might wick up.

Additionally, you may want to warranty this work. Customers of ours who purchase protection, will receive 3 things:

  1. 6 month warranty
  2. Acid-Dye protection. So you can clean away any spot or spill easily
  3. An Encapsulating Spotter. Cleans any spot/spill/stain while it dries into tiny crystals that can be vacuumed away. No residue...No rinsing!



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